— real time application of DFS

What is DFS ?

Let’s discuss about DFS first. DFS means Depth First Search. It is a searching algorithm in a graph data structure. If you are from a Computer Science background, you have heard that before. It is an easy algorithm and must know algorithm to learn for a Programmer or any other Computer Science field. The search starts from the root node. Then it looks for its neighboring nodes. Then it chooses a neighbor node that is not yet visited, finally we move to the chosen node.

Whenever a node is visited, the node is pushed to a stack data structure which…

— algorithm with brain

Let’s start with what is the A* pathfinding algorithm. As it is mentioned, it is used to find a path between two nodes in a graph data structure. But how? That’s why you are here, aren’t you? Okay let’s start to discuss

Before diving into how the algorithm works, let’s ask why we should use this algorithm while there are a lot more options out there. First of all the algorithm is quite so simple, which has a simple formula than any other algorithm you can think of (more of that it is just an addition of two values). Then…

— the mother of all path finding algorithm

What is Dijkstra’s Algorithm?

First of all let’s figure out what is Dijkstra’s Algorithm.Yeah the name sounds very weird. It is an path finding algorithm in a graph data structure. Confused of what a graph exactly is ? Graph is a data structure that stores the relation between two nodes (node can be anything that holds a data) for example: Consider Facebook — you can have as many friends and your friend can have the same. Ever thought hoe Facebook store the connection between the users — yes they use Graph Data Structure

How Does it Works?

Now let’s discuss…

— best authentication combo ever

Creating a Firebase App:

=> Go to Firebase Console

=> Create a New Project

You can name the project anything (It doesn’t matter)
You can name the project anything (It doesn’t matter)

=> Create a New Web App

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